Express Entry

Skilled Worker


After registering for Express Entry, FSWP applicants are placed in a pool from which employers in Canada will draw. These employers send invitations to FSWP applications, which then allow them to apply for permanent residence.

The minimum basic requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program involve work experience, language abilities and education.

· Applicants need to have at least one year's work experience in a job with the NOC skill type of 0,A or B 

· Applicants need to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark 7 in English or French to qualify.

· Applicants' education needs to be at the least a Canadian secondary school diploma or the equivalent degree from a different country with an Educational Credential Assessment report approved by the IRCC (formerly known as CIC).

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Trade Worker

 The Federal Skilled Trades Program allows workers in certain trades to get permanent residency in Canada.  

One of the main requirements for this program is having the skills and work experience in one of the preferred trades as mentioned above.

Applicants are also expected to

  • Not live in Quebec, which has its own immigration system separate from the rest of Canada
  • Be fluent in English or French
  • Have two or more years of full-time work experience
  • Meet the job requirements for your specific trade as outlined in the National Occupation Classification (NOC)
  • Have an offer of employment. This job offer needs to be guaranteed for at least one year to meet the requirement.

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Canadian Experience Class

 Canadian Experience Class is an immigration program that allows people who already have immigration experience in Canada to immigrate permanently. 


The following are some of the requirements for the Canadian Experience Class:

  • A year of full-time work experience or equivalent within the past three years
  • A record of getting said work experience with valid permission to reside in Canada
  • Ability in one of the official languages of Canada: French or English
  • Skilled work experience in a National Occupation Classified job of 0, A or B type.
  • An education that is equivalent or higher than Canadian secondary school.

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